And One Comes Rolling Into View – Newcastle offer me a PhD place…

Newcastle University have joined UEA, Exeter, Queens and Bangor in offering me a PhD place this year. There was no mention of funding, however. I’ve written to them to ask what the news is on the funding front. As none of the other unis have offered me anything in that vein, there is no reason to think that Newcastle will. The problem is not my proposal which is clearly solid as I’ve got 100% acceptance – the problem is that I didn’t gain a first in my MA. I was just shy of one but it is not a first. As a politician friend of mine once said, eight votes will always beat seven no matter what way you count them – and a first will always beat a 2:1 no matter what shade of 2:1 it is…

So, as a displacement activity I sent off two radio plays to the Sussex Playwrights’ competition. I’m pretty sick of the prison, however, I wish something else, equally lucrative (or more so, preferably) would rock on up…



About suehealy

Irish writer/playwright Sue Healy’s work has been supported and developed by Arts Council England, Dublin’s Abbey Theatre, the Peggy Ramsay Foundation, the Heinrich Boll Association and Waterford Corporation/Tyrone Guthrie Centre. Her short play ‘The Dog in the Tree House‘ won the 2017 Claremorris Fringe Award. In 2016, her debut stage production, ‘Brazen Strap’ showed at the King’s Head Theatre. She was a finalist for the 2016 Eamon Keane Playwriting Prize, the 2016 Nick Darke Award and the 2016 Old Vic 12. In 2017, her work shows at the Hackney Attic (January) and the Etcetra Theatre (April). Sue’s nine radio dramas have broadcast on BBC Radio 4,WLRfm, KCLR96fm. She has also won the Sussex Playwrights’ Award, presented in the Festival of Contemporary European Drama and has had staged readings of her work in London, Norwich, Brighton and Cornwall. A UEA Creative Writing MA alumna, Sue’s prose won seven national prizes: the Molly Keane Memorial Award, BBC Opening Lines, Escalator Prize and HiSSAC Award. She spent eleven years in Budapest, editing Hungary A.M. Presently, she is London-based, researching a PhD on the Royal Court Theatre. Sue is Deputy Literary Manager at the Finborough Theatre. View all posts by suehealy

2 responses to “And One Comes Rolling Into View – Newcastle offer me a PhD place…

  • Fiona

    That’s pretty exciting! Congrats! Which is favourite??

    • suehealy

      Hey Fiona, i owe you a proper email… was planning on sending you this weekend. Re PhDs, well my favourite would be the one that offers me funding – however, as none have I’m not taking any of them up on their offer of a self funded PhD. To me that rather smacks of you paying someone for the privilege of working for them… I’l just have to get a best seller, and have all those teaching posts come to me instead.

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