My Book is Here & I’m busy arranging the book launch!

My own copy of my book “The Literary Manager’s Toolkit” (Routledge), has arrived. I’m busy sending out invites to the book launch at a house of strong theatre import, in Hammersmith in March. All very exciting!


Write Up

Thank you to the Munster Express and Matt Keane for this piece on my upcoming guidebook, published by Routledge:

Countdown to Publication!

My Routledge book is out next month and is available on pre-order on December 5th (also with this 20% discount code). It’s a practical guide to theatre literary management and a necessary addition to your theatre library. And, as a key responsibility of the literary manager is to foster, nurture and encourage the early career writer, this book is brimming with direction, advice and resources for all writers, from every discipline. There is a wealth of interviews with key industry figures, and lists of funding opportunities, residencies, payment advice, employment tips and direction on getting your play commissioned and thoughts on how a writer can improve their work and make it more appealing to theatres, and other gatekeepers of the wider writing world and as such is a useful tool for playwrights, screenwriters, novelists and non-fiction writers. So now you all know what you really want for Christmas!

The Literary Manager’s Toolkit

Getting your Play Commissioned

Excited to be invited again to deliver a workshop for Proud Haddock Theatre. An informative, fun and very useful event for all playwrights. Do sign up:


ETPEP winner selected

It has been a joy to be on the panel for this year’s super strong ETPEP Award. National playwriting competitions such as these provide insight into what’s eating us, even a sense of what is to come. Congrats to significant emerging talent Saana Sze, a name I’m sure you’ll hear frequently from now on.

Online Workshop!!

I’m giving an online workshop for Proud Haddock Theatre. Roll up, roll up!

For more info

Literary Manager’s Toolkit

My forthcoming guidebook is currently with production at Routledge, but a description is now up on their site. Exciting!

The Literary Manager's Toolkit: A Practical Guide for the Theatre


The Literary Manager’s Toolkit: A Practical Guide for the Theatre

The Literary Manager’s Toolkit is a clear and comprehensive guide to the role of the literary manager in theatre and beyond, focusing on the key skills, networks and processes that underpin a successful career in this and associated roles.

This book outlines the tasks and responsibilities of a literary manager in the selection, development, and production of new plays.

In the first part, it outlines the how, when and why of the literary manager’s main activities, equipping the reader with everything that they will need when approaching this role’s central challenges.

The second part provides a selection of practical, accessible and easy-to-follow materials and workshop suggestions for literary managers who will work with playwrights as they develop their creative writing and dramaturgy skills. This is the go-to resource for the working professional literary manger or dramaturg, and for students on dramaturgy courses in theatre degree programmes.

An Interview

Thanks to Gwen Walstrand for this wonderful portrait, and to the News & Star for this marvellous write up:

Sue Healy on chasing a full life

Playwriting Intensive

Exciting times ahead! Jacqueline Bolton and I are excited to launch the inaugural Playwriting Intensive on July 4th & 5th, 2022, as part of the University of Lincoln’s Festival of Creativity. The event will feature 2-hour workshops from four top-flight playwrights: Carmen Nasr, Simon Stephens, April de Angelis and Anders Lustgarten.

Comparative Drama Article on Finborough Theatre

Very pleased to see my article on the Finborough published in The Comparative Drama Special Edition on London’s Theatre: Places, Communities, Futures’ (56:1&2) available on the Comparative Drama journal site as well as on Project MUSE. Here are the links: