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Apparently, a film-maker is interested in making a stand-alone short from one of my stories, Swan, for the THI project They’ve asked me to script. Sweet! So, a film short now added to list of radio play, stage play, novel and screen play. Got to get my ukelele workin!

Shellakybooky First Past the Post!!!!

My Radio Play Wins First Prize
Yeeessss! My radio play, ‘Shellkybooky’ has won first prize in the Annual Sussex Playwright’s competition – a national comp run from Brighton. A nice cheque and presentation of play is on the way… : ) Whatever else, 2011 has been a bumper year for my writing! BTW ‘shellakybooky’ is a Waterford word for a snail… and the play centres round a Liverpudlian Irish family of expats in Budapest Hungary and their son’s secret life as a graffiti enthusiast…