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Fighting Dark Ages

A sheila na gigA Sheila na Gig

I’m neither British nor American but two democratic results this year have soured my world. Brexit disappointed and upset me. Trump’s election, and his appointment of right-wing old-white-men (largely called Mike) as his closest counsel, downright scares me. Yes, we don’t yet know how it will all pan out – but that there’s pretty scary writing on “the wall”.

Like many, I’m looking for chinks of light. I’m taking comfort in that in challenging times artists often produce their finest work. Many of us have spent this week putting foot to floor, pen to paper, brush to canvas, all with renewed urgent vigour. We cannot let progress stop, or turn back the clock. Artists have a duty. Create, speak out, fight on and do not let us sleepwalk into another dark age. Artist be a soldier.