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  • esldonna

    What a great site. I think I could have used you before I wrote my first book, Big Backpack–Little World. Now I will get some excellent advise while trying to write about my life in Alaska during the 60-70’s. It is still in the brain as to write it as fiction or the true life story. It seems to me that fiction is a much bigger seller, but I have a hard time not making it factual. Any advice?

  • TheOriginalBURP

    Thanks for following 🙂 It’s very much appreciated

  • philipbradbury

    Thanks for following my blog – much appreciated.

  • schannepj

    Thanks for following; I’ve done the same. Great info here!

  • anchow

    Thank you for following my blog. Happy writing to you!

  • noobytendencies

    Hey, thanks for following, it is much appreciated 🙂
    I like your blog! I am a writer myself, but still learning of course!

  • Life Normal

    Thank you for visiting my site and following me. I always feel honored when someone does this. Thank you. I hope you enjoy my upcoming posts.

  • leapinglionbooks

    Hi Sue,

    Thank you for following Leaping Lion Books’ blog. We appreciate your support and look forward to picking up some crafty writing tips from your blog. All the best!

    Yours in Writing,

    2011/2012 Team,
    Leaping Lion Books,
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • kathils

    Hello! I’m paying it forward and have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. 🙂

  • Jessica Paul


    It still amazes me when someone much more successful stumbles across my tiny corner of the blogging world! Thanks for checking it out and for following.

  • Miss Kitty Roads

    I have nominated you for Versatile Blogger Award, please visit here to see what to do next; thank-you/ Thank you for sharing your blog with me and or following my journey as well it is truly a privilege.
    -Miss Kitty Roads.

  • hbyt

    Hello Sue, thank you for reading “My Treasure” it’s easy to write from the heart and from what you know.
    I was hoping I could impose upon you to take a look at my Chapter by chapter short story “Earl and babe” and give me some honest feed back.
    I have received positive feed back from family but often time critical feedback is more needful for growth and improvement.
    Here’s the web page.
    Thank you,

    PS: I see you’re teaching inmates? If I have to go to prison for help….well ok

  • Vincent Morrison

    Hi sue, I found your site while checking out the stingybarkstories competitions. I am Irish but have been living in NSW Australia for many years. I am keen to enter Irish short story and memoir competitions. Do any of these competitions accept submissions from Australian writers?
    I find your writing tips to be very helpful. Keep up the good work.Regards Vince Morrison

    • suehealy

      Hi Vince,
      You really need to check the T&Cs in the specific comps but I’ve found that most Irish ones are open to both ‘Irish residents’ and ‘Irish citizens’ regardless of place of domicile. Some are open to international writers.

  • maggiemyklebust

    Hello Sue,

    I really enjoy your blog and have nominated you for a Liebster Award.
    Congratulations and well deserved!

  • neweconomiccharter

    Sue, thanks for following “Inter States,” my scenario novel set in 2040. The next installment is coming soon, and I’ll be sending out notifications via email, Facebook, WordPress, and Wikispaces. Stay tuned. And please don’t hesitate to tell anyone you think might be interested. This is a strictly viral, global, non-commercial, peer-to-peer effort. – Ralph (see

  • thiswrittenworld

    Hey There,
    Love the content and would love a follow back

  • Billy Coad

    It is you! I’m in Dunmore East Powers Pub and the name Healy came up in conversation and I thought of you and started Googling. It’s great to see you’ve done really well. Dunmore is a great place for memories about good old times. I’m in Edinburgh for the last 20 years so only get back here once or twice a year. I come back for the Guinness. Your 17 years of age photo was the one that confirmed it was you! It’s good to see you. Email me. Billy

    • suehealy

      hello Billy, nice to hear from you after all of these years. I’m glad you are well and settled into life in Edinburgh (beautiful place). Enjoy your time in Dunmore. I was there last week. I’m in Italy presently. Best, Sue.


    I really injoy your blog, and thenks for following me,….💞

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