Pitch Perfect @ #pitmad


#pitmad is a Twitter event, a twelve hour window today during which you can pitch your novel to agents via a twitter post. The post must include the hashtag #pitmad and the genre of your novel (ie Adult, Young Adult etc..) – which leaves about 135 characters with which to pitch your MS and is an excellent way to hone your ‘elevator pitch’.

For those of you unfamiliar with the phrase, ‘elevator pitch’ is a Hollywood term script writers use fo the one/two line story synopsis one might use to sell one’s screenplay if one had the good fortune to run into Stephen Spielberg in an ‘elevator’ – and wished to use those 30 seconds to impress upon the director, your script’s great potential. The most cited example of an ‘elevator pitch’ is Star Wars being touted as ‘Jaws in Space.’

Getting to the crux of your story is crucial for a writer. Nonetheless, it is surprising the number of writers who are unable to sum up the kernel of their tale. And if you can’t, you’ve got a problem. You may have to finish your novel before you figure out the essence of your story but you do need to know what this is before you submit to agents.

For fun (useful fun!), I decided to write ‘twitter pitches’ for most of my recent work. See below or follow me on Twitter:

Novel THE HOLE IN THE MOON: Self-centred Irish dwarf leaves girlfriend & follows sexy Hungarian into kooky cult – redemption via 3 crones.

Radio Drama THE DAFFODIL: Closet-case narcissist hire alcoholic Eurovision has-been for singing lessons, forcing both to face their true selves.

Radio Drama COW: Infertility & arrival of Hungarian woman unsettle Irish couple. Howevr friendship develops & both women come to new world view.

Stageplay SHELLAKYBOOKY: Expats in Budapest are ignorant of host country/culture until son’s graffiti obsession unwittingly ignites revolution.

Stageplay SHEILA-NA-GIG: Opposing philosophies battle as diverse inhabitants of island vie for possession of recently unearthed female carving.

Stageplay ANGEL OF SZEPFALU: A legacy-focused racist mayor, a bitter Roma ghost & a technophobe blogger in farcical tale regarding human hubris.


Would love to read yours…


About suehealy

Award-winning Irish writer/playwright Sue Healy’s work has been supported and developed by Dublin’s Abbey Theatre, the Peggy Ramsay Foundation and Arts Council England. Her full-length stage plays include Cow (Etcetera Theatre, 2017) and Brazen (King’s Head Theatre, 2016), funded by Arts Council England. Sue’s work has also been performed at the Hackney Attic and Sterts theatres and festivals including the Claremorris Fringe (New Writing Award winner), the Brighton (Sussex Playwrights’ Award winner) and the UEA Contemporary European Drama Festival, Norwich. Autumn 2017 will see her work showcased at the Finborough, Arcola and Criterion theatres in London. Radio work includes nine plays broadcast on BBC Radio 4 (Opening Lines winner), WLRfm and KCLR96fm. She has been a finalist for BBC Scriptroom 12, Eamon Keane Playwriting Prize, Nick Darke Award and the Old Vic 12 New Voices. Sue's prose has won the the Molly Keane Award, HISSAC Prize, Escalator Award and has been published widely. Sue has been writer-in-residence on Inis Oírr, Aran Islands, and at the Heinrich Boll Cottage on Achill Island. She has also benefitted from juried artist residencies at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, and at Ginestrelle, Assisi in Italy. Sue is a UEA Creative Writing MA alumna. She spent eleven years in Budapest, editing Hungary A.M. She is currently London-based, completing a Ph.D. on the Royal Court Theatre. Sue is an Associate Lecturer in Playwriting at the Universities of Lincoln and Portsmouth, and tutors Creative Writing at City Lit. She is Literary Manager at the Finborough Theatre. View all posts by suehealy

4 responses to “Pitch Perfect @ #pitmad

  • Mariah Klein

    This is a great exercise for writers—whether or not you post your pitch on Twitter. Thanks for sharing your examples!

  • L.S. Engler

    Thank you for posting this; the timing is perfect! What a novel concept, too. How fortuitous that this event falls on precisely the day and time of day I’m dedicating myself to my writing!

  • Maribeth

    I pitched and struck out. Last time I got two requests but nobody nibbled this time. It’s so exciting when you get a star showing someone favorited your tweet but so depressing when you keep hitting refresh and see no one responding. Lol. If you did pitch, hope you did well.

  • 5thshadeofmist

    This is inspiring, and now I’m trying to think of elevator pitches for all my stories…

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